For Parents

Hey Parents of College-Age Participants,

Your son or daughter has applied to participate in one of our summer experiences. Upon completion of application and the return of positive references, we will accept your student to take part in Apex. These experiences are challenging, providing “dirt under your fingernails” adventures for participants, as they encounter issues of poverty, human trafficking and outreach to urban youth in a post-Christian culture.

We have offered many opportunities like this and have found it helpful to write parents and guardians to provide more information about the summer experiences, and answer frequently asked questions. If you have further questions after reading this letter, please do not hesitate to contact one of us. We would look forward to the opportunity to talk.

What is an Apex Global Project?

It is a 3- to 6-week summer project where your son or daughter will grow in leadership, grow spiritually, and grow in their understanding of those living in the secular modern world, while confronting issues of poverty and injustice. Participants will learn how to tell their part in Jesus’ story, as they build relationships in communities while working alongside our long-term church-planting staff and partners. They will be challenged as they read and discuss vital cultural and spiritual issues. They will be asked to step outside their comfort zone as they learn to work as part of a team to accomplish ministry goals.

Who oversees Apex?

Our leadership team consists of a group of full-time EFCA ReachGlobal and ReachNational staff, and local partners who serve as mentors and site team leaders. Additionally, we oversee the development of each global project, as well as the orientation and debrief of participants. All on-site staff and ministry partners are screened with background checks and are committed to seeing your son or daughter succeed.

Are students allowed to leave during the summer?

We ask all students accepted to an Apex project make themselves available for the entire 3- to 6-week project. In general, we do not allow students to leave for overnight trips due to safety concerns, and the importance of other internship activities, not to mention logistical costs.

What kind of housing will be provided for the students?

Housing per project varies depending on the ministry context. The projects are intentionally meant to have a backpacker feel, but often participants are in local apartments or hotel rooms.

Is it safe?
While we cannot guarantee perfect safety, we do not place our participants in any type of direct danger. Each of our sites is vetted in advance and our mission's staff live onsite with their families and know the local language and culture.

Can family come to visit?

Yes! Our U.S. sites would welcome your visit and even your participation in certain aspects of the projects. Globally, this is more difficult, but you would be welcome there as well. However, you would need to make your own arrangements. With that said, Apex is a unique opportunity for your son or daughter to step out with a team of peers and develop as leaders. This is often done best in a context separate from familiar moorings.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. As was mentioned, we would look forward to talking with you and answering any further questions you might have about Apex.

We’re excited for a great summer with your student!

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David Boerema

Director, Apex Missions
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Mark Kato

College-Age Missions Director