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College Age

Gressier, Haiti

June 17th - July 28th
5 Weeks
Callie Keller
Callie Keller
Message from Callie Keller

Hello friends, family, and those whom I might not know. Thank you so much for taking the time to explore this page! I will be traveling to Gressier, Haiti this summer to work alongside and learn from some amazing missionaries.

Why am I doing this? // Since going to Haiti for the first time a couple of summers ago, I have felt called to serve there and basically just do life with the people of Haiti. I aspire to one day (in some form or fashion) help with equipping the children of Haiti to teach their families so that the generational cycle of un-education stops. I believe full heartedly that this opportunity is something God has placed in front of me to aid me in learning how to logistically live in Haiti, learning how to love the people of Haiti that come from a much different walk of life then my friends in Maniche, and learn how to balance my time better when it comes to serving (valuing rest and understanding that God is in control, not me).

What will I be doing? // I will basically be there to help the missionaries that are currently there, jumping in wherever the need is, whether that is helping make food, helping with the English classes, going around and meeting people, helping with the church planting aspect of their ministry, or even the sewing area of their ministry. I will know more of the specifics of what I will be doing as the trip gets closer.

What do I need? // First and foremost, I need support through prayer. Prayers for safety and health. Prayers for the people of Haiti. Prayers for the government of Haiti. Prayers for amazing missionaries that I will be staying with. If you would like super specific prayer requests, shoot me a message. Secondly, I need support through finances. If you feel led to support financially, you can do so via this page by clicking "Support Member". If you would like to give a different way (Venmo, cash app, cash, mailing a check in, etc.) shoot me a message. Again, the most important thing for me is to have a ton of people praying and praising God for Haiti and for this 6 week trip. I know, financially, the Lord will make a way as he has done it before, and he will do it again.

Thank you so much. I love you all!

Trip Overview

Haiti has an estimated population of almost 11 million and is the second most populated area in the Caribbean. In joining with our missionary team of two families and two single women, you will be able to learn about and participate in a variety of ministry partnerships with the Haitian people.

Relationship-building and discipleship is the primary focus of our team. We desire to empower godly leadership and stir up active faith in the hearts of those around us. There will be many opportunities to work with nationals (particularly youth) and with other missionaries throughout your stay. Time for learning culture and language will be included, as well as for devotions and prayer ministry. In general, the Haitian people are gracious and welcoming to those who show an interest in learning from them, and many are eager to practice their English skills with native speakers.

Some of the ministries that we are involved with include: A Haitian-led support group for women who have experienced trauma A sewing school Local pastor training and encouragement A community garden (currently being used by neighbors to sell produce for a profit) English language classes, clubs, and activities Sharing support and encouragement with other missionaries in the area GlobalFingerprints – ReachGlobal’s child sponsorship program Built to Last – a woodworking ministry to equip youth with practical skills and discipleship Various activities to promote youth engagement, leadership, service, and the development of technical and creative skills. Praise and worship Health checks and medical services

We are blessed to be a part of such diverse groups as we work to expand the Lord’s kingdom. Our site may be particularly suited for those skilled in areas such as drama, music, sewing, gardening, art, and teachable job skills; however, we welcome students with other areas of interest as well. Because of the make-up and availability of our team, we can only accept female interns at this time.

Please consider serving alongside us this summer. Perhaps you will gain a deeper understanding of the expanse of God’s reign, the creativity of his beauty, and the tenacity of his love as you work in a culture and a context different than your own!

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