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College Age

San José, Costa Rica

May 25th - June 15th
3 Weeks
Claire Reitz
Claire Reitz
Message from Claire Reitz

Hi! Claire, here! As most of you know I am currently a freshman at Wichita State University pursuing a degree in Nursing. I have a heart to help others which is what I want to do this summer in San Jose, but also in my future career. I am from a small farm town in Kansas and I grew up in a big family. Ever since I was a little kid I have dreamed of going on a missions trip. A big reason I have a desire for missions is the influence of my close family friend Heather, who is currently serving on a long-term mission in Sierra Leone. Along with her, I have been influenced by Challenge Conferences I attended as a high schooler and the Heflins; a family who served in Bucharest. It has always been a goal of mine to see and be apart of a new culture. I have passions for helping the least of these and spreading God's love because He is beyond good. I am so grateful and excited to go on this mission trip to Costa Rica! God is doing great things in the world and He has called me to be apart of it. I am anxious for what this trip will hold but beyond excited to see God work! For me to go on this trip I am going to need just a few things. 1)I will need prayers, because God is good and I need him. Prayers for traveling, details for the trip, possible work while in Costa Rica, health, school, and for God to be working through me are greatly appreciated. 2)To go on this trip I will also need support. For me to go to San Jose I estimate the cost to be $1900 plus my plane tickets. Raising this money will help me get to Costa Rica and focus on serving the people there but also serving the Lord. If you are willing and able to give to me, I would be beyond grateful.

Thank you! Claire Reitz

Trip Overview

Immersion is the greatest way to learn about a culture and gain insight from the locals first hand. In Costa Rica you will be able to live with a host family which will be a meaningful part of your time there. Living in a middle class neighborhood, with families who have hosted English students many times will allow you to try authentic food, be immersed in the language, and build authentic meaningful relationships. You will also have the opportunity to receive Spanish training through a tutor during your three weeks in Costa Rica.

Our team’s goal is to empower the Latin American Church by developing leaders in church planting ministries, children's and compassion ministries, and Bible institutes. We desire to help locals understand God’s word, use it well, apply it to life, and to help spread the gospel to others. We value the ongoing ministries and partnerships that our team is involved in here, and we want to bless and further the work that God is already doing in Costa Rica. Potential ministry assignments include: children and/or youth ministry teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) anti-trafficking ministry music ministry working with and loving on children in impoverished communities observe and serve at a Bible Institute that trains local pastors equipping church leaders and other options dependent on gifting and interest

As you explore the many ministry opportunities in San Jose, you will also be immersed into the culture and learn to share the gospel in various settings. If you are interested in exploring a future in missions and challenging your view and understanding of God’s mission, Costa Rica will offer you an experience that is diverse in ministry opportunities, training topics, and cultural exposure.

Claire Reitz
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