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College Age

Berlin, Germany

June 11th - July 26th
6 Weeks
Madelyn Beck
Madelyn Beck
Message from Madelyn Beck

God LOVES, FREES, and ACCEPTS us even when we seem unlovable, unable to be freed, and unacceptable. God is taking me on a beautiful journey to know Him more, and as He changes my heart, I am excited to join this team in Berlin. I am humbled by the opportunity to learn and serve and overwhelmed by the gracious way God interweaves all of our stories in order to bring more people to Himself in the loving relationship for which He created each of us for His glory! What a gift!

This will be my second summer traveling to Berlin with APEX and my third trip total. Although Europe was never a place I envisioned myself visiting, God has captured my heart more through seeing the way He is working in the individuals there! He VALUES everything He made and everything He does! I am glad to return this year as I continue to seek His heart and pray about the possibility of long term work in Germany!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and pray for the team already in Germany, our team as it forms and prepares, and all the wonderful people we will meet along the way. God is love, and He loves you!

Thank you, Madelyn

Trip Overview

Berlin is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in Europe. You won’t see a lot of lederhosen on the U-Bahn, but you might encounter a tech start-up, a sculpture artist, a politician and a plethora of cafes—just by walking down the street.

Experience Berlin from the Inside Out: It’s time to dive into the urban world, beyond the typical tourist attractions and museums. You’ll live together in one of the city’s 12 districts but will travel throughout the city and see first-hand what it takes to serve the entire city. Berlin will start to feel like home and as you begin to fall in love with the expansive public transport system, the abundant parks, the flea markets, the creative and organic vibe of the city—and of course, the residents themselves.

Break into Local Community: Spend an afternoon listening to a troubled teen tell his story. Paint an old ship from the Soviet-era being repurposed for people in transition. Package food alongside Berliners who are helping the homeless. Prayer walk through emerging communities and visit a start-up church. Set-up for a city-wide outreach for young adults, meet the practical needs of refugees, or provide kids with a meaningful VBS experience. Serve the city by serving its people and our partners.

Learn from Local Leaders: No syllabus, no homework—just real-life experiences and life-changing conversations. The urban world demands diverse approaches to ministry and flexible thinking, and Apex will expose you to local leaders and ReachGlobal staff who are transforming their communities with the gospel in fresh ways.

Break Out of the Mold: Every Apex team is as unique as the projects and ministries they support. A multi-faceted city requires creativity, openness to change and a wide variety of people. If you are tired of the status-quo and ready for a challenge, then Apex might be just what you need to take your faith and leadership to the next level as you learn how to engage the post-Christian mindset in one of Europe’s most influential cities. But be careful—after a summer, you just might want to come back for more.

Madelyn Beck
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