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College Age

Budapest, Hungary

June 12th - July 27th
6 Weeks
Dillon Mack
Dillon Mack
Message from Dillon Mack

I am so excited to be going back to Hungary this summer. For the past 3 summer I have gone with my church to lead English camps, but as I prepare to serve long-term in Hungary, I am excited to get a look into what full-time ministry is like there! It seems that God has opened a wide-door for evangelism in Hungary. During this summer trip, I pray that God will bring many to faith in the message of the Gospel. Would you consider supporting me in prayer or financially to see this happen?

Trip Overview

In the midst of a sparkling, lively city, 97% of the residents of Budapest are living lives of quiet desperation, having not yet heard and responded to the gift of new life offered by Jesus Christ. God has given the local church a key role to play in His work in the advance of this good news, and in Budapest, we are committed to helping establish and encourage transformational local churches.

The ReachBudapest team is passionately seeking God for the city, praying to the Lord for its peace and propensity. Specifically we’re praying that God raises up 300,000 disciple-makers, 3,000 churches, and 300 ministry partners cooperating to bring gospel transformation to the city and causing it to also become a place of gospel influence. We’ve seen that many Hungarians are increasingly open to spiritual things, eager to experience Christian community, especially when it is expressed in a form that has relevance for them. And we believe that true life-change will come about as followers of Jesus, penetrate neighborhoods and communities, acting as salt, light, and leaven, living out their faith in the spaces God has prepared for them on the lanes and cultural highways of Hungarian society.

We’ve been blessed to welcome many young adults to our team in recent years, and we’ve seen that God’s plans are often to do just as much or more in you as He would do through you during the time you spend in Budapest. We believe that you will grow in many ways as a part of this experience, and we’re going to be alongside you through the process! Not only will you grow in community with other members of the APEX team, but you’ll experience community with the full-time missionaries on our team. Your seven weeks in Budapest will give you the opportunity to discover what it means to live out your life as a follower of Jesus in a highly secular urban setting in the heart of Europe, and explore what it is like be involved in full-time, cross-cultural ministry.

Air travel to Hungary is simple, with a variety of connections from the United States. During your stay in Budapest, you will live together with the rest of the APEX team within a ministry and community center operated by the ReachBudapest team in Kelenföld, a neighborhood in Budapest’s 11th district.

Ours is a huge city with significant needs, and seeing it reached for Christ is something beyond the work of any one mission organization or church or denomination. So we're working together with others believers from various backgrounds, linking arms out of a desire to see a gospel movement gain traction. Come and spend the summer being a part of this important work!

Dillon Mack
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