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College Age

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

June 12th - July 27th
6 Weeks
Brandon  Wood
Brandon Wood
Message from Brandon Wood


I am a firm advocate of actively finding ways to share the Gospel of Christ. Time is precious and people are living and dying without hearing the good news of Christ. I do my best to be a good witness every day, but of course distractions bombard me without relent. I wish to dedicate these six weeks entirely to Christ for his purpose, leaving the distractions of my daily life behind so I can effectively serve a community I have never been with before. Why Brazil? I have always had an interest in Brazil. Even when I was young. It would be a great honor to me to have the privilege of serving these people and sharing the truth with them.

Will you consider teaming with me and supporting me in this most important endeavor to reach Brazil's lost?

Trip Overview

The coastal and cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro is a youthful and dynamic melting pot where all generations come together to share interests and culture.

We invite you to engage this culture, learning and doing together, while breaking down dividing walls and creating opportunities to share Jesus with young people desperate to know and follow Him.

We walk alongside our Brazilian partners who live daily with the same passion for following Jesus and compassion for the lost and vulnerable. Be a life-giver by creating opportunities for Brazilian youth to know Jesus and to follow Him with us together.

From Rio's poorest communities, known as "favelas," to the city's famed surfing beaches, serve alongside Brazilian partners who live with a passion for life, Jesus and their neighbors.

You'll combine English, art, sports and camp as a bridge to introduce kids, teens and young adults to Jesus. You'll learn together in the poor communities (favelas) of the city reaching out to at a-risk children confronted with violence, street and domestic, and sexual abuse. We'll also ride Rio’s wild wave of passion for surfing on the best surf beaches of the city reaching out to some of Rio’s surfing communities. You can expect weekly time to develop a relationship with a mentor for the purpose of life learning and development. You'll meet exciting young Brazilian Christ followers and walk alongside our young Brazilian partners, who live daily with a passion for life, Jesus and the church and compassion for the needy and the lost. Your ministries will be lived out in their world.

You'll see the whole city of Rio de Janeiro, visible and hidden, beautiful and ugly, traveling to a variety of neighborhoods and tourist attractions. You'll stay at the ReachGlobal mission house in Recreio dos Bandeirantes living in community with one another and the Weyandt family.

Brandon  Wood
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