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College Age

Costal, Tanzania

June 12th - July 27th
6 Weeks
Tyler Knerr
Tyler Knerr
Message from Tyler Knerr

It is so beautiful to realize God is allowing me to walk alongside Him as I prepare for a future in church planting. I completely believe The Lord has called me to dedicate my life to International Missions. I have been sent on three mission trips in the past and now it is time for number four. I am so excited to witness how God molds me into a powerful tool for sharing the Gospel. This trip is going to grow, challenge, and motivate me to hunger for God in a greater way. I would like to invite you to serve God alongside me and join the mission God has placed on my heart. You can do this by giving finances to enhance the love and humility of God. Another way you can humble yourself is by praying and interceding for me. The most important aspect of this trip is reliance and focus on God. Trust in the King with me as we approach His Kingdom with boldness, power, and strength to fulfill the mission He has called us to complete.

Trip Overview

Come live in the middle of a broken community devoid of the message of saving grace. There is an open door to serve the community of South Asians by loving their children and sharing with the community who Jesus is, what he has done for us, and what he can do for them.

Being a part of this team will give you the opportunity to engage immediately using English with unreached people who don’t have access to the gospel.  Our city is the home of people from several different sects of Islam and Hinduism.  These are non-natives from places where it is illegal and often dangerous for missionaries to go with the gospel.  Here in Tanzania, you can freely build meaningful relationships with children, teens, and adults as you seek to model grace.  God is preparing people’s hearts, and we long to search the community for those who are interested to know more about Jesus.

Team members will serve the local community by volunteering in local private Muslim and Hindu schools. You will have the opportunity to teach a wide range of subjects, depending on your gifts and interests. Even if you aren’t a trained teacher, the schools appreciate native English speakers to facilitate conversation. Outside the schools team members will run various Bible-based camps and clubs to provide a fun and safe environment for the kids, all while teaching about Jesus. In these camps and clubs the gospel is shared by telling the stories of the Bible starting at the beginning, showing who God is, who man is, and the salvation that God has promised in Jesus. In the community, you’ll have the opportunity to enter into families’ lives and homes, learning about their beliefs and sharing yours over a cup of tea or a meal.

Team members will live in the heart of the city in modern, furnished apartments. You will share this apartment with other members of the team or live with a missionary family. You will take taxis or walk to get around town, visit people in the community and get to the locals schools. 

These are people who live grace-less lives with a hope-less future. God desires for them to know His peace. Is God calling you to spend the summer sharing His grace, hope and peace?

Tyler Knerr
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