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College Age

Athens, Greece

June 12th - July 27th
6 Weeks
Maddison Correa
Maddison Correa
Message from Maddison Correa

Hi, my name is Maddison. The opportunity to go to Greece this summer would be one that will most likely change my life forever. I want to help reach people from other countries using the gospel, and the Lords guidance. I also would love to go learn about a new culture and other peoples viewpoints to help me grow in my faith. The Lord called us all to missions, not all are called to other countries. Some are to stay here and spread the gospel in their workplace, or throughout their community. I feel called to travel and bring the gospel to people who might not have heard it before. With your help I can bring the joy I have felt through my relationship with the Lord, to others lives. Thank you for your support! I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

Trip Overview

Experience first-hand the challenges and joys of a church plant in Athens, Greece. Serve alongside local believers, engage in community outreach, build relationships for Christ, and explore how your gifts can help expand a new church.

Although traditionally a Christian nation, most Greeks today do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The evangelical movement amounts to less than 0.2% of the population, and for over 20 years, Greece had not seen a new church established within the evangelical community. Our heart and vision is to see multiple churches planted, that will embrace their communities in a Christ-like fashion. As an Apex team member, you are invited to join this vision by participating in one of the Athens church planting efforts.

Activities you may be engaged in include: neighborhood children's festivals, events/workshops in our Community Center, spending time with people in the community, leading small group Bible studies, sports, service to refugees. It may be helpful to know that the Greek culture is very relational and places secondary value to productivity. This means that friendship building takes priority over task completion.

Travel within the city is very affordable, and it has a very good bus and Metro service. For housing, you may be required to share an apartment with other team members. The Greek food is affordable and delicious!

Two thousand years ago, the apostle Paul spent time in the city of Athens, helping people find new life in Christ. Don't miss the opportunity to do the same today.

Maddison Correa
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