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David Boerema


David joined our team in fall 2017. He leads the vision and motivates movement among our team. David is passionate about mobilizing students and continues to strive to reach our goal of helping 100 next generation students get on the field by 2025. David sees great hope and potential in young people and loves the energy this age group has to change the world and make an impact for the kingdom of God.

Palmyra, Pennsylvania

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Maggie Rabe

Director, International College-Age Experiences

Maggie coordinates and makes summer trips happen while assisting college students through the application process. She loves to help prepare students to go on their summer trips. Another part of her role is working with ReachGlobal sites around the world and to help them get set up and prepared to host you! Maggie loves working with college students because students are in such an exciting season of life; students often seem like the most eager and moldable generation to work with.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Parker Rabe

Director, International College-Age Experiences

Parker joined our team in 2015. He is passionate about recruiting and discipling college students to love God more and challenging them to love God with their entire lives. Currently, Parker serves in a local church where he leads a college ministry with Apex and is hoping to launch this ministry to more churches and universities. He enjoys working with college students because students have the most willingness to change, grow, and ask big questions.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Peter and Debra Bors

Director, U.S. Youth Experiences

Peter and Debra are our regional leaders working with the director of U.S. projects in the Eastern U.S., with special emphasis on the cities of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. In these cities, they train, coach, and mentor both college ministry site leaders and youth group participants during the summer and encourage them to take next steps in ministry. Peter and Debra also supervise participants in the city and oversee logistics, including housing, meals, and ministry sites, as well as developing ministry partnerships that provide effectiveness and sustainability. They are passionate about maintaining relationships in our current city sites and developing new sites within the eastern U.S. As the parents of four adult daughters and with years of experience in youth pastoring, Peter and Debra enjoy working with college and high school students because they see an opportunity to help mold young people and discuss Scripture with students, who always seem to ask so many great questions. They are adventurously expectant as they live full-time in their RV, which allows them the mobility to continue to build partnerships with churches, universities, and the next generation. 

Eastern U.S.

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Skylar Sweeney

Trip Coordinator

Skylar joined Apex’s team at the end of summer 2019. Skylar helps the director of college summer trips by interviewing, running orientations and debriefs, and connecting with students and churches. Skylar helps student prepare to go on trips and also works with students when they return home because she enjoys helping students process their experiences. Her missionary background means that she can often relate to some of the unique and exciting things students will encounter during their trip. Skylar enjoys serving college students because students are at the point where they are still young but old enough to make their own decisions. She appreciates being able to mentor and encourage student who desire to serve.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Cody Sweeney

Trip Coordinator

Cody joined the team in summer 2019. Cody’s job involves working alongside students as they apply to go on a summer mission trip. This role involves setting up interviews, staying in contact with students as they fundraise, and supporting students as they go through the process of getting accepted to go on a trip. He also helps with planning and coordinating orientations and debriefs to assist students before they leave and when they come back from their mission trip. He enjoys working with college students because students are in a place in life where everything is wide open, and he finds that it is very rewarding to help play a part in shaping their lives.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

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