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International Mission and Leadership Team - Job Description

Division: EFCA ReachStudents

Department: Apex Missions

Reports to: Apex International Youth Missions

Relates Closely With: Apex Leadership, Site Leader, and EFCA Pastors/Missionaries

TRIP COST/SUPPORT RAISING: $1750 plus travel expenses to orientation, mission site and return home from debrief. This covers the cost of food, lodging and ministry expenses while serving.

Salary/Honorarium: At least $300 per week with youth groups depending on high school to college student ratio. Sites vary in the number of youth group weeks. There is a cap of $1750 total for the summer.

Budget Available: Based on individual ministry site.

Time Commitment: Onsite six weeks during the summer and required pre-trip training that will take place in the spring via video teleconference.

Ministry Description:
The Apex International Mission and Leadership Students will serve the local church by mobilizing the next generation of leaders who advance the gospel from here to everywhere. There are 2 primary roles. The first primary role is to serve directly with the local missionary in advancing the gospel mission in their ministry and location. The second primary role is to mentor, train, and serve youth groups in global gospel influence and missional living through bold curiosity, gospel fluency, disciplemaking catalyst, and missional relationships.

Apex College Leadership Priorities:

  1. Relationship building with the missionary and or missionary team.
  2. Hands on work to advance the gospel mission of the missionary team.
  3. Mentoring relationships with high school students to influence them toward becoming gospel influencers.
  4. Model and mentor the Apex tools for high school students helping them to embody Apex Mission’s four core values of Gospel Fluency, Bold Curiosity, Disciplemaking Catalyst, and Missional Relationships.
  5. Serve the missionary and youth pastors in implementing the mission ministry.


  • Faith in Christ that is evidenced by a dependency on prayer with a passion for the gospel, discipleship, and missions.
  • Passion for mobilizing the next generation (high school students) to take next steps in disciple-making and ministry.
  • Enjoys working with people in an urban and/or multi-cultural ministry.
  • Enjoys mentoring, equipping high school students.
  • Have a teachable heart with the ability to troubleshoot situations using decision making skills with a calm, wise response.
  • Self-starter with strong work ethic who can organize and follow through with assigned tasks.
  • Able to communicate confidently in a variety of group settings.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and at least 1 year out of high school.
  • Leadership Experience.
  • Have or able to get passport and any other international travel requirements.
  • Must be willing and able to get Covid-19 vaccination (and other vaccines) if required by the mission site and local, national, and travel expectations for your site.

College Leadership Youth Group Responsibilities:

  • Participate in staff pre-trip training, orientation, and debrief.
  • Be present and available for duration of summer mission site.
  • Relationally mentor and encourage high school students throughout the mission.
  • Be present with groups for group gatherings and ministries.
  • Participate with youth groups whenever possible.
  • Daily meetings with site leader, youth pastors, and missionaries.
  • Assist in any problem-solving issues, pivots, or adjustments.
  • Communicate any significant issues to site leader and missionary.

Apex Provisions:

  • Prayer support.
  • Training, orientation and debrief.
  • Encouragement and support.
  • Housing and meal arrangements.
  • Travel and ministry expenses while on site.