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Your safety is our priority.


International Missions: The countries we are working in require a 10-14 day mandatory quarantine for all unvaccinated visitors. With our mission experiences being 3 or 6 weeks long, a 10-14 day quarantine does not work from a practical, financial or ministry perspective. In addition many countries require proof of vaccination to obtain a visa. While we wish things were different, this is the reality we face on the global stage. There are external factors that we cannot control or predict. For practical ministry and because of international travel requirements, only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to participate with Apex. Proof of vaccination will be required in order to secure plane tickets and visa by May 5.


International Missions: As you know, the Covid-19 matter is ever changing. There are a number of variables that make any ministry decision difficult and somewhat uncertain. At this point, our sites are requiring all mission participants to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.* These requirements come from our missionary and ministry partners on the ground. They are in response to a combination of local government, culture, and comfort standards. We recognize that this requirement may be difficult for some and seem unnecessary to others. It is Apex's stance that we value and prioritize the gospel moving from here to everywhere and we will do whatever we can to continue this mission. At the same time, we recognize the complexity of the Covid-19 vaccine decision. As you consider joining us on mission for 2022 International Youth Missions, please prayerfully consider and seek council from your church leadership to affirm alignment with all participants being fully vaccinated well before your mission experience.

*Our Dominican Republic location will accept either proof of vaccination or proof of negative test within 48 hours of departure.

National Missions: Due to the ever shifting nature of the Covid 19 pandemic it is impossible to predict the external factors that may impact our summer mission. Out of an abundance of caution for our participants, site partners and the people we are serving this summer, each participant at our US sites will be required to affirm a negative covid test within 72 hours of arrival regardless of vaccination status. While we wish this were different, it is the present situation we all face. In addition we will honor the local mandates in regards to masks and social distancing. We will keep close attention to these mandates as the year progresses and make the necessary adjustments the closer we get to the summer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.