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Mission and Leadership Team Job Description

JOB TITLE: Mission and Leadership Team (MLT)

DIVISION: EFCA ReachStudents

DEPARTMENT: Apex Missions

REPORTS TO : National Youth Missions

RELATES CLOSELY WITH: Apex Leadership and EFCA Pastors

TRIP COST/SUPPORT RAISING: $1200 plus travel expenses to orientation and return home from debrief. These events will be held in Minneapolis at the EFCA National Office. This will help to offset the cost of food, lodging and travel expenses while serving as MLT.

SALARY/STIPEND: $300 for every week you lead youth groups during the summer. (i.e. $300 x 4 weeks of leading groups = $1200)

MINISTRY BUDGET AVAILABLE: based on individual ministry site.

TIME COMMITMENT: June 12 – July 26, 2022 to include one week of orientation, four weeks onsite, and one week at Challenge Youth Conference during the summer. Additionally, you will be required to complete pre-trip training that will be provided to you in the Spring 2022.

BASIC FUNCTION: (Why is there a need for this position?)

The Apex MLT role is needed to be the local connection to serve ministry partners and youth groups in various ways as they come to do ministry with our partners in various cities.

  1. Mobilize the next generation of leaders to be gospel influencers.
  2. Work collaboratively with local leaders, teammates, and incoming teams to ensure effective missional experiences are provided, inclusive of learning and service.
  3. Embody Apex Mission’s four core values of Gospel Fluency, Bold Curiosity, Disciplemaking Catalyst, and Missional Relationships.

QUALIFICATIONS: (What education, experience, special skills, gifts, or strengths are ideal for this position?)
  • 19 years old or older.
  • Faith in Christ that is evidenced by a dependency on prayer with a passion for the gospel, discipleship, and missions.
  • Passion for mobilizing the next generation (high school students) to take next steps in disciple-making and ministry.
  • Enjoys working with people in an urban and/or multi-cultural ministry.
  • An ideal candidate would have a teachable heart with the ability to trouble shoot situations using decision making skills with a calm, wise response.
  • Self-starter with strong work ethic who can organize and follow through with assigned tasks
  • Able to communicate confidently in a variety of group settings


Prior to Arrival:
  • Participate in pre-trip training over video teleconference (Spring).
  • Meet partnering ministry and community leaders, via email, phone call, and/or video teleconference.
  • Meet with mentor to develop learning contract and identify desired outcomes (only if doing internship option).
While On Site:
  • Participate in staff orientation(First week in-person)
  • Assist in preparing site for youth group arrival.
  • Orient the incoming youth groups.
  • Coordinate schedule, training, work projects and ministry opportunities site.
  • Oversee weekly schedule, training & discipleship.
  • Meet with other staff and local city leaders for daily team updates.

After Departure:

  • Participate in debrief and evaluation process for Apex Missions refinement.


  • Staff Orientation
  • Staff Training
  • Mentorship
  • Prayer Support
  • Housing and meal while on site
  • Travel cost while serving as staff

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