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On mission and in community for multi-week journeys to some of the world’s most remarkable locations and cultures.

We offer:

All Apex experiences focus on three key learning areas: language, ministry, and culture. Apex College-age experiences are built to grow you as you serve alongside long-term EFCA missionaries, leaders, and pastors all over the world!

Our authentic 3-week and 6-week mission trips are for college-aged students (17–24) who not only want to use their summer to serve but who also want to get the full missions experience of serving alongside long-term mission teams. What makes the experience unique is that students can participate in a vibrant ministry with long-term workers who have been there for years and will be there for years to come. The time you spend on site with the missionaries and pastors allows them to multiply their long-term efforts while giving you a real feel for what ministry looks like in that culture.

In addition to missions experiences, Apex provides opportunities for college-age individuals (18 and over) to gain ministry experience as they lead our week-long youth group trips. Summer staff will lead youth groups through a growing week-long experience through biblical training, mentoring, disciple-making, and cultural immersion with local ministries and churches in the United States.

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3 Week Trips

Don’t let the need for a summer job or internship take away your opportunity to play a part in the great commission, learn from missionaries, and make life-long friendships!

Currently, there are no upcoming 3 week opportunities.

6 Week Trips

The most authentic and immersive missions experience, long enough for the culture to become a second home and your team become a second family.

Currently, there are no upcoming 6 week opportunities.

Summer Staff

Join the Apex team in a staff capacity at one of our U.S. ministry locations.

Summer Staff • Various U.S. Locations

  • June 16th - July 28th