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Birmingham, United Kingdom

Trip Overview

Serve alongside ReachGlobal staff and their ministry partners as they share and show God’s love among their Muslim neighbours. Explore a call to Muslim ministry in missions by working with adults , children and youth.

New immigrants often come directly from their home culture into a similar transplanted culture here in Birmingham. There are many good reasons they do this: people live with extended family near halal shops and familiar places of worship. The purpose of our team and our ministry partners is to enter into these communities; bringing salt and light and sharing the love of Jesus.

Members of our team run community outreach centres with a variety of activities, youth encounters between young people of different faiths, and pursue relationships with our Muslim friends and neighbours and their families. All this is with a view to planting or revitalizing churches in areas of our city which have become increasingly non-Christian.

Travel around Birmingham is easy on public busses or trains. You will be accommodated either in local Christian homes or in a local Christian guesthouse.

Birmingham provides an excellent opportunity to test a call to Muslim ministry in a relatively familiar culture. You’ll learn to boldly live the way Jesus taught and share your faith with gentleness and respect, and you won’t need a translator to speak the local language.

Destination Overview

Birmingham is the second largest city of the United Kingdom. It is in the centre of England, approximately 100 miles northwest of London. Since Medieval times, Birmingham has been a home of trades and manufacturing and, in the late 18th century, it became the leading nucleus of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. In the mid-20th Century, immigrants from the Indian sub-continent were attracted by Britain's post-war economic boom. The shortage of labour experienced by the country meant that industrial centres such as Birmingham were magnets for immigrants in search of employment. Since that time, immigrants from many other countries, many of them Muslim countries, have followed until 22% of Birmingham’s 1.1 million people are Muslim. Birmingham is the cultural centre for the West Midlands, with theatres, art museums, music, as well as shopping and educational facilities. It is also home to the Balti Triangle, an area of excellent South Asian restaurants.

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