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Costal, Tanzania

Trip Overview

Journey to Tanzania

Come live in the middle of a broken community devoid of the message of saving grace. There is an open door to serve the community of South Asians by loving their children and sharing with the community who Jesus is, what he has done for us, and what he can do for them.

Being a part of this team will give you the opportunity to engage immediately using English with unreached people who don’t have access to the gospel.  Our city is the home of people from several different sects of Islam and Hinduism.  These are non-natives from places where it is illegal and often dangerous for missionaries to go with the gospel.  Here in Tanzania, you can freely build meaningful relationships with children, teens, and adults as you seek to model grace.  God is preparing people’s hearts, and we long to search the community for those who are interested to know more about Jesus.

Team members will serve the local community by volunteering in local private Muslim and Hindu schools. You will have the opportunity to teach a wide range of subjects, depending on your gifts and interests. Even if you aren’t a trained teacher, the schools appreciate native English speakers to facilitate conversation. Outside the schools team members will run various Bible-based camps and clubs to provide a fun and safe environment for the kids, all while teaching about Jesus. In these camps and clubs the gospel is shared by telling the stories of the Bible starting at the beginning, showing who God is, who man is, and the salvation that God has promised in Jesus. In the community, you’ll have the opportunity to enter into families’ lives and homes, learning about their beliefs and sharing yours over a cup of tea or a meal.

Team members will live in the heart of the city in modern, furnished apartments. You will share this apartment with other members of the team or live with a missionary family. You will take taxis or walk to get around town, visit people in the community and get to the locals schools. 

These are people who live grace-less lives with a hope-less future. God desires for them to know His peace. Is God calling you to spend the summer sharing His grace, hope and peace?

Destination Overview

The country of Tanzania is located in East Africa just south of the equator on the Indian Ocean.  The country is as diverse culturally as it is geographically.  Tanzania is the home of Kilimanjaro (the tallest mountain in Africa at 19,341 ft), the Serengeti plains, and the tropical islands of Zanzibar.  Culturally, Tanzania is also home to around 125 different ethnic groups and boasts over 100 different languages within the country.  Religiously, statistics vary, but the country is roughly split between Christianity (residing mostly inland) and Islam (residing mostly on the coast).  Because of Tanzania’s history as the center of the Arabic slave trade and its importance as a port and trading post along the Indian Ocean, there are also a large number of Arabs and people from India and Pakistan.  In the main city on the coast, the downtown area consist primarily of South Asians who are either Hindu or Muslim.  These groups run the local economy as businessmen and small shop owners.  The interesting diversity of Asians living in an African country brings a fascinating mixed culture to the country as a whole.  Despite this incredible cultural diversity, Tanzania remains a relatively stable and peaceful country.  Muslims, Hindus, and Christians all interact on a daily basis and there is freedom to worship.

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