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the East, Asia

Trip Overview

Journey to Asia

Come join the adventure our team of Christ followers are having in a huge city in Asia! By God's power, in partnership with local churches, we are seeking to share Christ with the lost, make disciples and disciple makers, and multiply churches.

There are millions of people who live in our city. Many of them still do not know Christ nor do they know any true followers of Christ. Therefore the Apex team will play an important role in sharing Christ among a specific Unreached people group in our city and with others in our city who do not yet know Him. As you work alongside some local believers and our American team, we will be able to mutually encourage one another in being Christ's disciples. You will grow in your own leadership ability and your faith will be stretched as you are put in situations where you need to depend completely on God.

One of your main platforms for ministry will be teaching English as a second language at a Teen/young adult English camp and at a children's learning English event at a community center. English Teaching opens up opportunities to build relationships with your students through which you may share Christ with them. Time will be spent battling in prayer for the people of our city. You will also travel outside the city to better understand one of the people groups you will be ministering among.

After a long flight to Asia, you will be met at the airport and taken to a hotel which will be your home during your time in our city. You will learn how to get around our city by bus, taxi, and on foot. Be ready for the heat as it can get hot in our city during the summer.

Though the church is growing in the country where you will serve, there is still an enormous need for more workers to join God in what He is doing to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who still do not know God. We invite you to join our team for the summer to be a part of this amazing adventure!

Destination Overview

Come to a large influential urban center in East Asia! You will have the opportunity to work together with the local church and other mission organizations who are excited to see the gospel impact a large community of unreached people in our region.

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