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Baltimore , Maryland

Trip Overview

Stillmeadow EFC was begun in 1978 in the suburbs of Baltimore. It had various affiliations in the past but became an Evangelical Free Church in 1995. A few years prior to that, they found a building for sale inside the city limits and with 40 members, they moved to their present location in the Westgate community of Baltimore.

The Westgate community is now 73% African American and is in a transition zone between the Western suburbs of Baltimore and the Irvington and more inner city neighborhoods of the city.

In the past, Stillmeadow EFC has had ministries to youth, homeless and the poor but most of these ministries were carried on by those who did not live in the community. In 2007 the church made a decision to be a community church.

You will be helping Stillmeadow EFC in its commitment to become a community church by helping the congregation to be known in their neighborhood. A Monday night block party and the VBS will show Stillmeadow’s neighbors that the church cares about the children and families in the community.

Teams will also become acquainted with the neighborhood through serving with partner organizations. Local leaders and church members will share their experiences to help foster learning on issues of race and poverty.

Destination Overview

Nicknamed “Charm City,” Baltimore City is a city of many US firsts - the first post office system in 1774, the first telegraph line, the first commercial/passenger railroad (B&O), the first professional sports organization – The Maryland Jockey Club. The Star-Spangled Banner was written here. Babe Ruth was born and raised here. Adding to its place in history, in the 19th century, Baltimore was the second largest port city for incoming immigrants to America.

Once the 6th largest city in the US, Baltimore City experienced a steady population decline. After losing nearly 1/3 of its population, it now ranks 26th. While Maryland is now the richest state in the country, Baltimore City’s demographics from the U.S. Census Bureau show 24% of the city’s inhabitants live below the poverty line.

Like many US cities, Baltimore’s population has stabilized and some areas of the city are experiencing rebirth. Baltimore is home to the famed Johns Hopkins University, the “snowball,” amazing crab cakes and Old Bay.

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