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Laredo, Texas, USA

Destination Overview

About Laredo

Laredo is a southern city recognized for its blended culture. Here you'll have the opportunity to minister by helping children, youth, and families in need. Through the local church, this site serves the neighborhoods with projects on a relational level.

Meet Our Partner

The SBC has said Laredo is the least evangelized city in America. The people of Laredo are very open to talk about God, many simply don't have a clear understanding of the Gospel or what it means to follow Christ. Rooted more in religious and cultural Catholicism, the city is moving to greater personal and communal relationship with Christ. In addition to the openness and opportunity to share the Gospel, Laredo is also a unique city. Laredo is over 95% hispanic and is the largest land-port to the United States. Over 40% of goods from Mexico come to the US through Laredo's bridges. Grace Bible Church has a vision to be a church that plants other campuses and churches in the city, so that the evangelical church grows neighborhood to neighborhood. They invest alongside other local churches to mobilize the local universal church as disciple makers. As a border community, there is an opportunity to ministry on both sides of the border. This site supports several ministries in Nuevo Laredo, including sending thousands of Christmas gifts, support for Bible studies, and care for orphans.

Trip Overview

How You'll Serve

Possible ministry opportunities are repairing and renovating houses, building beds for foster children, packing books and Bibles for distribution to Mexico, providing meals, caring for immigrants, facilitating Bible studies and hosting activities for children, and connecting with Laredo teenagers to share testimonies and encouraging each other as followers of Christ.

This trip requires your team to plan ahead with pre-trip training materials provided by Apex.


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Sample Schedule

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What‘s Included

  1. Room and board
  2. Pre-trip training materials
  3. On-site ministry costs
  4. Some ministry supplies

All travel arrangements should be communicated and verified in advance. For air travel, please use the LRD (Laredo International Airport) airport as it is within distance to the ministry site.

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