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Chicago, Illinois, USA

Destination Overview

About Chicago

Chicago is a legendary city known worldwide for it's famous food, sports teams, street art, and diversity. Youth groups would be partnering with local ministries to serve the unreached in Chicago that is starved for the Gospel. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and many other religions work and worship in the same area making the neighborhood one that is incredibly diverse and have many who are open to the true God. Students would participate in prayer outreach, park outreach and street outreach. They would join team members in facilitating relationships in the neighborhood.

Meet Our Partner

The South Asian Friendship Center has been a catalyst for other ministries and ministry partners across the globe. They are in a unique setting in a urban city surrounded by the nations. Join Apex in partnering with them in reaching many for Christ through relationship building and serving those who are in need right in our own backyard who have many different religious beliefs.

The development of the team at the South Asian Friendship Center has been around for the last 25 years with new and old members. They are a team of varying ministry experience. It is their joint desire for the Gospel to go out among the people we live alongside.

Trip Overview

How You'll Serve

Possible ministry opportunities are ESL, Soccer Camp, Service Projects, Homework Help, Hindi Ministry, Muslim Ministry, Night Church, Cultural Training, Evangelism Training, Prayer Walks. Prayer Ministry, etc.

This trip requires your team to plan ahead with pre-trip training materials provided by Apex.


More details coming soon!

Sample Schedule

Stay tuned for more information to come!

What‘s Included

  1. Room and board
  2. Pre-trip training materials
  3. On-site ministry costs
  4. Some ministry supplies

All travel arrangements should be communicated and verified in advance. For air travel, all Chicago airports are within distance to the ministry site.

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