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Crisis Response, USA

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ReachGlobal Crisis Response exists to develop, empower, and release the Body of Christ to share His love in times of crisis. They partner with a local church in the impacted area which provides connection points between local believers and those they are serving. They commit to the long-term recovery because it opens opportunities for spiritual conversations as people ask, “Why are you still here long after the news cameras have left?” Their desire in the wake of a crisis is to both proclaim and portray the love of Christ by coming alongside the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those suffering. By serving with Crisis Response, participants also will learn how to proclaim and portray the love of Christ in the context of crisis. To learn more, go to their website.

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To further this mission, you will develop your leadership skills as you host volunteer teams of all ages. You will teach them how to rebuild homes, prayer walk in communities, and how to live on mission when they return home. You will practice active listening as homeowners share their stories of devastation and practice sharing your faith with those you serve. You will also learn how people serving behind-the-scenes play an integral part in our mission. Yes, the people with gifts in administration, communication, and organization are vital to our ministry’s effectiveness.

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