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Madrid, Spain

Destination Overview

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The Madrid ReachGlobal team is about glorifying God through multiplying transformational disciples and churches through authentically and vulnerably sharing the Gospel of God's grace and mercy to the bruised and broken of Madrid. Sam, Jill and Grace are falling in love with Jesus and in turn, developing, empowering and releasing nationals, missionaries and especially young people in their twenties through building grace-filled relationship to live life as missional followers of Jesus Christ.

How is this site strategic?

City Team Madrid is presently invested in developing, empowering & releasing young adults to reach their generation & the next. It is strategic having 25 universities with 250,000 students here. In these uncertain times, they are seeking life’s meaning & purpose. That can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. They hear the Good News about Jesus through relationships. Our disciple making focus is simple. We nurture a love for God in communities, so they can share His love with their neighbors. We will help you discover & develop your spiritual gifts so you too, can start evangelistic Bible Studies & hone relational Gospel skills in a simple, grace-infused, transformative way which not only impact Spain, but also you, the Apex missionary.

Trip Overview

Embrace the outdoors and the beautiful landscape Spain offers, all while enjoying a grand hike on the Camino de Santiago (St. James Way). This is a true spiritual pilgrimage where you will physically cross paths with many travelers searching for meaning, purpose, who they are and maybe God. This mission trip is unlike any other. If you are looking for a unique, challenging and fulfilling next steps to life's future spiritual journey, this is the trip for you!

Our Madrid team focus is on grace-filled transformational disciple making and church planting, with a heart for evangelism and discipleship. Our current focus is coming alongside and equipping and multiplying leaders in smaller relational discipleship communities. It is important work with the local church and serve them especially in the area of spiritual and emotional health. The Lord has graced us with the opportunity to collaborate with the Roma (gypsies), where one of the greatest church planting movements in Europe's last century is taking place.

You will embark on the St. James Way, hiked by over 300,000 annually, seeking a break from the routine of busy lives and personal growth via this religious pilgrimage. Covering 470 mile in four weeks, you will walk alongside ReachGlobal staff who will guide you through northern Spain. You will get the full experience of a “Camino” hiker: carrying everything on your back, being unplugged, eating and sleeping in hostels with other travelers, and embarking on this spiritual journey as a microcosm of life’s spiritual journey. The focus of this trip, is discovering how you play an important role in God’s redemptive love story while walking with other hikers, engaging in intentional spiritual conversations. This hike will provide time for you to learn more about God, yourself, evangelism and discipleship. Not only is this a great opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus, but also learn to relate and love others around you. A few weeks into the trip, if our schedule permits, you may suspend your travels and serve in a hostel for one week, having the opportunity to care for and serve other travelers and once again, engage in spiritual conversations. You will then finish the trip and travel back to Madrid for the last days of your mission trip.

During your time in Madrid, Spain’s capital, we will introduce you to various cultures, communities, and compassion/justice ministries. Some of these will include Spanish, Arabic, as time allows, other immigrant communities, plus the wildly exciting Roma (Gypsy) church. Here, you will have the chance to learn how the local missionaries are reaching out and loving all these groups.

This trip will be physically intense. Being in good physical, spiritual and mental health is essential as you will have to walk 12 - 18 miles a day. We encourage you to pray about if this is a good fit for you. We are thoroughly thrilled to host you and physically walk on this journey, God’s journey, with you!

How You’ll Serve

  • Grace-filled Disciple making & Evangelism as a way of life on your spiritual journey while walking with God and the Apex team on the 400+mile Camino de Santiago
  • Making disciples through whole-hearted living:
    - Learning to live loved by God and in turn love Him
    - Love others as yourself, traveling and working as a team to love others on the way
    - Gain tools for personal transformation, practicing on self, discovering more about self, your own story and how you fit in History (God's story)
  • Exposure to Urban Ministry in Madrid - After the St. James Way, using these skills learned for :
    - Friendship Evangelism by engaging conversations, primarily listening, asking good questions and the art of affirmation
    - Communicating stories including your Gospel stories
    - Outreach English primarily through conversation
    - Given tools and opportunities to lead evangelistic/disciple reproducing Bible studies
    - Gain a heart for cross-cultural & compassion ministries, keys to living missionally stateside and overseas

  • Housing

    Hostel while on the Camino, and in an AirBnB, hotel or host family while in Madrid.

    What’s included in the price:

    • Meals
    • Housing
    • On-site ground transportation
    • Most ministry expenses
    • Orientation and Debrief
    • Travel Agent
    • Apex Shirt (we know you want one!)

    Not included in the price:

    • Visa fees
    • Passport fees
    • Plane Tickets
    • Immunizations

    Payment Policy

    $75 application fee due when you submit your application.
    the fee will be put toward your trip when accepted, and returned if not accepted.

    First payment of $550 due April 1st, 2022.
    Full trip cost is due May 12th, 2022.

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