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The Calling Road Trip, USA

Destination Overview

Answering the question "how am I going to serve God with my life?" is a difficult question to answer for any generation of Christian young adults, let alone one amidst a pandemic. Over the past year not only has school, work, and social life looked different; but opportunities to gain experience in and exposure to relational ministry has been drastically and understandably hindered by the Coronavirus. Mission trips, internships, summer camps, and volunteer opportunities have been severely limited since March 2020. While these opportunities are valuable in and of themselves for assisting long-term work through short-term effort, they are invaluable in helping the participants feel their way towards their ministry giftedness, interest, and calling.

We believe there is a unique place for everyone in the body of Christ to serve and be effective in. This might be volunteer based, lifestyle based, or even as a vocation, but regardless, there is a place for each follower of Christ to use his or her gifts for Christ's purposes in our homes, churches, communities, nation, and world.

This is why we've designed a new style of ministry experience for the summer of 2021. It's called “The Calling Road Trip”. While traveling from New York City to South Florida for three weeks in late June/early July, we will be stopping at over a dozen EFCA ministries to meet men and women who volunteer, work, serve, and lead in these ministries to learn from their stories, be inspired by their passion, and challenged by their cultural engagement.

Trip Overview

We will visit churches and ministries primarily within the EFCA that have focuses on:

New York City:
  • First EFC Brooklyn- Pastor Chris Hooper: Cultural competency in Brooklyn’s “Little Beirut” neighborhood
  • Salem Church- John Rerick & Josiah Maddox: Engaging the community community churches, non-profits, small businesses, and children's ministry
  • Immigrant Hope- Immigration legal services


  • Commitment Church- Cedric Brown and Sarah Vega: Discipleship amidst diversity

Washington D.C.

  • Redemption Hill Church- Bill Riedel: Ideological diversity in the church, and following Christ's leading
  • Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church- Dr. Bill Kynes: The importance of Theological education in preparing for a lifetime of ministry

Morehead City, North Carolina

  • ReachGlobal Crisis Response- Ryan and Paula Kling: Partnering with a local church to reach a community through helping rebuild after a natural disaster

Jacksonville, Florida

  • Glen Schrieber & Hugo Concha: Spanish Church planting and EFCA SE District Leadership

Tampa, Florida

  • Jose and Maria Cariaga, EFCA Missionaries to the Philippines: Filipino church planting during the pandemic and refugee ministry in Tampa

While much of our time will be spent learning from ministry leaders, we will also be spending daily intentional time diving into scripture to study how God calls and prepares workers to serve his purposes. Concurrent with our study of scripture we will be studying how God has uniquely wired and gifted each of us as individuals, so that we can better understand what types of ministries our skills might uniquely be equipped to serve.

We anticipate that as you rub shoulders with these ministries, and that as you are challenged by what you see, God will move in you to give you a passion for next steps in ministry in your own life. God may move in you to church plant domestically or overseas, to pursue immigrant evangelism, to engage different cultures, to disciple youth in your church, to start a business, or to pastoral ministry or anything in between. We don’t know where God will take you, but we want to be a part of helping you move toward whatever those next steps may be.

It's called a Road Trip, but this trip is not designed to be a vacation. We will be travelling by bus/van and sleeping in churches, ministry centers, and Airbnb's. Housing accommodations will not be luxurious, but they will allow us to keep the trip at a reasonable cost while saving travel time between our living and learning areas. We are sure we will have fun and make memories for a lifetime as we embark on this adventure, but our primary focus is to provide students who are looking for next steps towards a life of ministry with an opportunity to experience a wide variety of different ministries, to help them take the next step of obedience towards God's call on their lives.

So, come! Join us for 3-weeks of learning from and serving current ministry leaders who are engaging different current cultural contexts than your own, so that you might gain clarity on where and how God has called you now, and where He may take you next.

Trip Details
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