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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Destination Overview

Experience the "Big Easy," on the Mississippi River, known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Get to know the people and culture of this vibrant city, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

Meet Our Missionaries

We have six families and two individuals serving on our Louisiana team right now. We are developing relationships in the communities we work by engaging short-term teams in a rebuilding effort both in New Orleans and in the area north of the city. Our team is also engaged in an ESL ministry that hopes to plant a church for the local Hispanic community, and supports our local church partners' outreach efforts in a variety of ways. Many of our staff are also focused on supporting the larger Crisis Response ministry by working administratively from our ministry center.

How is this site strategic?

15 years ago Hurricane Katrina opened a mission field in New Orleans as thousands of families opened their doors and welcomed mission teams into their homes and their hearts. We brought tangible help as we worked to bring real hope to communities recovering from the storm. Today we continue to serve in those communities, as well as partnering with church planting efforts and outreach opportunities in the Greater New Orleans area. Crisis isn't limited to natural disasters, and by responding to the crises of COVID-19, under-resourced communities and flooding north of the city, we have expanded our opportunities to share the love of Christ.

Trip Overview

Have you ever wondered how you can help those affected by a crisis? In the wake of crisis, God creates a mission field and you can be equipped to respond with the love of Christ to those impacted.

More than 15 years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast and New Orleans, thousands of families are still trying to return home, and many more families are trying raise their kids in poor neighborhoods, among Katrina-damaged buildings in need of restoration. Many feel forgotten.

"It’s going to take God's people to show what God's Kingdom is, His love, His care and His compassion for the poor and oppressed." John Gerhardt a local pastor of Castle Rock Church said. Since the storm, thousands of volunteers serving on short term teams have aided in the recovery efforts and brought the transforming power of the gospel to New Orleans. They have served, engaged with the local church, prayed and invested in the lives of countless homeowners and their neighbors. Not only that but they have brought what they have learned home with them and have begun to transform their own communities and those around them. Words cannot express the gratitude for each of these volunteers' service to the Kingdom.

We are inviting you to partner with us to see a transformed city through a movement of disciple-making, church planting and community investment.

How You’ll Serve

  • Hosting short-term mission teams and encouraging them to take it home
  • Helping restore homes (We can teach the skills you will need)
  • Active listening to homeowners as they share their stories, and sharing encouragement with them
  • Leading prayer walks through communities we are serving
  • Partnering with local churches for community outreach (VBS, ESL classes, etc.)
  • Assisting our Admin team with some of the behind-the-scenes work to keep the ministry running
  • Possibly assisting at other Crisis Response sites

  • Housing

    Our partner church families traditionally offer housing on the north shore of Lake Ponchatrain.

    What’s included in the price:

    • Meals
    • Housing
    • On-site ground transportation
    • Most ministry expenses
    • Orientation and Debrief
    • Travel Agent
    • Apex Shirt (we knew you were wondering!)

    Not included in the price:

    • Plane Tickets
    • Immunizations

    Payment Policy

    $550 non-refundable deposit is due April 15, 2021. (This is not an additional fee, just the first $550 of your trip.)

    Full trip cost is due June 1, 2021.

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