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Sofia, Bulgaria

Destination Overview

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Though only a mid-sized country by European standards, it can have a major impact around Europe. People from all over the world pass through Sofia on a regular basis, and in the 9 years that ReachGlobal has had a team here, we have ministered to people from all 6 inhabited continents. Our team focus is on disciple making. We do this though outreach activities based on our unique passions and giftings as team members (for example, having coffee with a neighbor, playing games at the local board game café, or teaching English). We also teach the Bible and train disciple makers through small groups and in partnership with churches and other organizations. Less than 2% of Bulgarians know Jesus, so it is not hard to find people who are hungry for spiritual truth.

Meet Our Missionaries

The Sofia city team has two members, Dave and Sasha Bliss. Their focus is on disciple making. They work locally with churches, as well as in small group ministries and community outreach.

Why is this site strategic?

Bulgaria is a strategic location for those who want to make a global impact. The team in Sofia has worked with, taught, and ministered to people from every inhabited continent, and the ripples from our ministry have stretched out around the world. Though a small country, Bulgaria produces about 80% of the world’s supply of rose oil, a key ingredient in almost every perfume. Whenever you smell something nice (perfume, soap, lotions, etc.) there is probably a small piece of Bulgaria in it. If this is what Bulgaria can do with the fragrance of roses, think what can be done here with the fragrance of the Gospel.

Trip Overview

We are looking for students who want to learn how to reach their neighbors through loving them and teaching the simple truths of God’s word. Those who came would gain practical experience as well as personal mentoring during their time in Sofia. You will learn while you serve. It is our hope that your summer in Bulgaria will provide skills that you can use wherever God calls you in the future.

Come see what God is doing in Sofia! You may also find that He is doing something great in you.

How You’ll Serve

  • Bible teaching — teaching God’s word to help people see the truth of scripture and walk closer with Jesus.
  • Outreach — engaging in activities to spend time with people who do not know Jesus (Doing what you love doing with people who do not know Jesus while showing them God’s love).
  • Prayer — recognizing that any success in ministry comes from the Lord we make prayer a key aspect of our ministry.


Students will likely stay in something similar to an AirBNB (a furnished apartment).

What’s included in the price:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • On-site ground transportation
  • Most ministry expenses
  • Orientation and Debrief
  • Travel Agent
  • Apex Shirt (we knew you were wondering!)

Not included in the price:

  • Visa fees
  • Passport fees
  • Plane Tickets
  • Immunizations

Payment Policy

$550 non-refundable deposit is due April 15, 2021. (This is not an additional fee, just the first $550 of your trip.)

Full trip cost is due June 1, 2021.

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