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Central Amazon Jungle, Peru

Destination Overview

Home to grand panoramas full of color and vibrancy, Peru is a harvest field of vast complexity. While you are here you will get to serve God while being in awe of your surroundings. 32 million people call this place home, while only around 12% of the population live in the Amazon jungle.

Meet Our Missionaries

Our team’s focus is to serve a native people group in the central Amazon jungle. This people group was reached by Wycliffe missionaries in the 60s, but the spiritual awakening has since faded and the church is older and dying. Now the focus is the younger generation as few are engaged in the church and there is still freedom to share the Gospel in their schools, and on the soccer field. As this generation becomes increasingly connected with the outside world with the arrival of electricity and internet, our team's desires to see them prepared to take on these changes with the truth of the gospel.

Extreme poverty is real and while our team focuses on church planting and reaching the youth, priority is also given to projects focused on bringing clean water and building a training center for future camps and a Christian agricultural institute.

Meredith and Carlos B. - Carlos is Peruvian, and Meredith has been a missionary in Peru for over 20 years. They will be your Peruvian parents while you’re here. Carlos grew up here, but spent 22 years in CA as a Hispanic pastor, after leaving his lawyer life behind when he met Jesus. He dreamed of being a missionary for years, and finally got to live it out in 2012 when he returned to Peru to serve the Lord in the jungle….and ran into Meredith, and dragged her with him : ) He’s the visionary of this team, and The Man who interacts with all the men.
Meredith grew up in TX and went away to school in Chicago, studying Spanish and secondary ed., and wondering if she could survive overseas. Apparently she can, and loves orienting people to Peru, it’s coast, mountains, and (now) jungle. Meredith loves working with youth, women, and teams, and helping execute all of Carlos’ great ideas.

Brooke H. - Brooke grew up in Iowa and always wanted to be a missionary. She became a registered nurse and headed off to Peru for 2 years…She liked it so much, she decided to stick around! She loves administrative stuff, using her awesome Spanish abilities, and serving behind the scenes.

How is this site strategic?

It is a pivotal time in the lives of Yanesha students. Their lives and their worldview vary distinctly from that of their parents and grandparents as they have become increasingly connected with the rest of Peru and the world with the arrival of technology. These rapidly advancing changes have left them vulnerable to the influence of outsiders and the local church unable to reach them. We long to see the message of the gospel transform the lives of students at a young age and inspire them to live into the plans God has for them with complete abandon, and to see revival in the local church. Your help is key! We need creative, passionate students to share their stories of God’s grace and work in their lives and to speak Truth into the lives of Yanesha students. We need YOU to engage with students using the unique skills, gifts, and interests God has given you to further His Kingdom. There is no time to waste!

Trip Overview

To engage the next generation, our team teaches English and religion classes at several local high schools. In the mornings Apex students will join them in sharing at one of three local high schools. This includes not only English and religion, but also topics related to community health like water hygiene. After school our team seek to build relationships through soccer training, volleyball, and other outlets. Whatever your skills and passions, we can probably be used in some way to engage with Yanesha youth in order to reach this next generation! These efforts seek to engage, disciple and build a strong core of young believers…the future for the youth in these communities. The vision of the team is to see an indigenous movement of healthy churches resulting in Gospel transformation in the next generation, for the glory of God in the central Amazon jungle of Peru. Come join us in Peru!

How You’ll Serve

  • Teaching English in high schools -super simple but fun classes in 3 Yanesha high schools, and possibly elementary schools too, to connect with the kids so we can see them outside of school too.
  • Sharing in Religion Class - we’ll share testimonies, the Gospel in different ways, and youth-group Bible studies in same three schools.
  • VBS - We’ll have some focused time with children while adults are in a training event…so the team will help put together games, lessons, and fun for Yanesha kids, to share the Lord with them, and also help their parents focus on their training.
  • Other events - after school soccer, volleyball, crafts? Maybe even a lock-in!?! Having fun, building relationships, and sharing Jesus with the students as part of our long term vision.


If the group is more than 2 people: In San Ramon (3 nights)-in a 3-star hotel close to our house, with one of our leaders staying there too. There’s hot water, fans, basic internet, etc. If just 2 people: they can stay in house of someone on our team. We all have hot water and internet too.

In Iscozacin (2 wks) we stay in the Albergue Celestial. All the rooms have 2 twin beds there, sheets, one hard pillow, one small towel, nice big bathrooms, and no hot water (but it’s the jungle! You want a cold shower!). No bed lamps either, just a central light. We will all stay on the same floors, in rooms next to each other. We can wash clothes while we’re there too.

What’s included in the price:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • On-site ground transportation
  • Most ministry expenses
  • Orientation and Debrief
  • Travel Agent
  • Apex Shirt (we knew you were wondering!)

Not included in the price:

  • Visa fees
  • Passport fees
  • Plane Tickets
  • Immunizations

Payment Policy

$400 Non-refundable deposit is due March 20, 2021. (This is not an additional fee, just the first $400 of your trip.)
Full trip cost is due May 5, 2021.

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