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Budapest, Hungary

Destination Overview

Budapest, Hungary is a metropolitan area of 3,000,000. It is the center of cultural, academic, economic, and political influence for the nation and it is probable that there are fewer than 85,000 believers in the city. The Budapest City Team works with partners throughout the city in the areas of art and music, English outreach, student and sport ministry, using these networks and connections to bring the aroma of Christ to those we encounter.

We trust that in making our homes here and seeking the good of the city, we can help people to understand what Jesus meant when he said that he came so that we might have abundant life. Students will be able to jump in alongside us, helping with English camps, spending time at an art studio, or working with with at-risk Roma children. We would love to have the opportunity to work and learn alongside you as you experience our beautiful city!

Meet Our Missionaries

We are asking God to raise up 300,000 disciple-makers, 3,000 churches/kingdom communities, and 300 ministry partners cooperating to bring gospel transformation to Budapest by seasoning and enlightening community life in the city and causing it to become a place of regional influence for the spread of the gospel.

Our team currently has a few areas of focus:

  • Arts — Betsy, Anthony, Cassidy, Colin, Daniel
  • English outreach — Harold, Cindy, Sam
  • Sports ministry — Dave
  • Church revitalization — Orsi

How is this site strategic?

Hungary may be a small nation and Budapest a relatively small city when it comes to European capitals, but this is a country known for advancements in science, literature, art. It’s a land that has seen oppression and that oppression has been an incubator of thought. So now as the world grows ever smaller through the use of technology and ease of travel (at least in pre-COVID reality), those ideas have the potential to reach even farther. As we engage with students as they’re beginning their education, artists as they boldly speak what they see, and other professionals who influence things function – what an amazing opportunity to share with them what we know, to help them understand the Kingdom of God and His vision for our lives with Him and the world as a whole. And as they go forward, creating and working and leading, their influence is sure to spread to the villages in Hungary, to our neighboring countries, and beyond.

Trip Overview

How You’ll Serve

  • Experience team and city life
  • Hungarian language learning
  • Te Meg Én project (with at-risk Roma children)
  • Sports ministry
  • English Camp
  • International student ministry


Students will be staying in an AirBNB for the summer.

What’s included in the price:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • On-site ground transportation
  • Most ministry expenses
  • Orientation and Debrief
  • Travel Agent
  • Apex Shirt (we knew you were wondering!)

Not included in the price:

  • Visa fees
  • Passport fees
  • Plane Tickets
  • Immunizations

Payment Policy

$400 Non-refundable deposit is due March 20th (this is not an additional fee, just the first $400 of your trip)
Full trip cost is due May 5th.

Frequently Asked Questions

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