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College Age

East, Asia

Trip Overview

Journey to East Asia

Join us this summer in East Asia where the Lord has provided various opportunities for us to serve His kingdom. Our ministry team here has a fun blend of ages with a team of five and four joining later in the year. As a team we highly value the local church. We are involved in a bilingual church were foreigners and locals can come together to worship and praise Jesus! Our team has three main pillars of serving in the city.

The first is University Outreach. Our interns take Chinese classes at a University where they will build relationships with fellow students. Students will have English corners to help locals learn English, invite their friends to church, and have bible studies. Our interns main focus is to come alongside the students they meet on campus to help share the gospel.

The second pillar is Medical Training. Two of our team members are in a residency program training local doctors. They take resident doctors involved in the program to serve in Orphanages, HIV clinics, country side visits, disaster relief, and nursing homes. Some of the participants in the residency are there to learn medicine and others are there who want to become missionary doctors.

Lastly, our third pillar is our Compassion Ministry. We help with an orphanage that cares for children with special needs. We also aid in the process of finding foster homes and adoption while serving in the community with any needs they share with us. Our interns will have the opportunity to be closely involved as they will get to serve in orphanages and care for foster families. They are also able to bring friends they meet at University with to serve and care for the last and left out.

We welcome students from various majors and experiences! As we serve together we will grow in our faith as well as learning a true understanding of what it looks like to be living our everyday lives as the hands and feet of Jesus in a country that needs the gospel.

Destination Overview

Experience a city with a large urban population in East Asia as you come alongside local mission teams to help with their long-term goals. You live have an opportunity to be a light for Christ in a variety of ministries, including sharing the hope of the gospel people your age that have had little to no chance to hear the gospel.

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