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Paris, France

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Journey to France

France, even with its historically Catholic roots, is only about 1% evangelical Christian. During your time in Paris, you will be involved in outreach opportunities while being immersed in its iconic culture.

We are launching a new city team in Paris and you will get to play an important role in building the foundation for its future. You will join the city team leader, Kathy, as she is building relationships with ministries in and around the city and seeking out the pockets of society which are untouched by the gospel.

Some of Kathy’s work include working with a small church plant in a suburb where there is no other protestant church. She uses English clubs to build relationships in order to share the gospel. She also works alongside young adults to do street evangelism, and occasionally serves in a homeless women's ministry.

Through all these avenues the goal is to meet and develop relationships with people. From Parisian atheists and Muslim refugees to aspiring artists and the homeless, we pray that God would use us to shine a new light in this "City of Lights".

Apex students will come alongside Kathy and join her in serving with the ministry partners she is currently working with and help her explore other potential ministry opportunities. This may look like serving in a community at a local coffee shop, or teaching English to build relationships. By serving this summer you would all help the Paris City Team by creating new relationships with people who could potentially become future ministry partners.

In a city as unreached as Paris, there is great need for gospel ministries, which then provide numerous opportunities to serve within your passions and skills. Having experience with French would be extra helpful, while being willing to teach at English and/or sports camps and enthusiasm to work with small churches is a must. Working together with other ministries, local churches, and believers who have a vision for the unreached, we will strive towards maximum impact in shining the light of Christ among those who have not yet heard the good news.

To learn more about why Paris needs more people to share the gospel, and our values, follow this link https://www.reachparis.com/. (Note: You will need to fill out on an application on the Apex site for this six week opportunity versus the Paris websites).

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