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Athens, Greece

Trip Overview

Journey to Athens

Athens, the capital and heart of Greece, is home to more than four million people, and less than 0.2% would claim to have a personal knowledge of Christ. We believe the local church to be the best vehicle for the gospel, so, in order to reach individuals and the masses, we desire to see churches planted which will embrace their communities in a Christ-like manner. As an Apex team member, you are invited to join this vision by participating in one of the Athens church planting efforts.

In the beginning of the trip we will spend some time covering basic language; this will help you connect and develop deeper relationships with local people. You will be able to help the church plants by engaging the community and plan events that target and engage youth, teens, and adults.

We are excited to have Apex students join our team for the summer to help us move our ministry forward. Students can expect to:

· Build relationships with local people

· Get a glimpse of what a church plant looks like in Greece

· Support community events

· Connect with local believers to learn more about what Christianity and Christian witness looks like in a predominantly Eastern Orthodox country.

Over the six weeks, you will get to step out of your comfort zone as you connect and build relationships with your team members, locals, and our team. It is important to know that the Greek culture is very relational and places secondary value to productivity.

If you are studying ministry or youth ministry, have a background in social work or counseling, you will have ample opportunity to use these skills. However, the most desired trait is a compassionate heart and one that has a passion for living out their faith.

Destination Overview

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