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Innsbruck, Austria

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Journey to Austria

Innsbruck, the capital of the Tirol region, is a university town surrounded by mountains, lush forests, and the beautiful Inn River. This town of more than 130,000 inhabitants has the trappings of a big city with a small town feel. The Innsbruck team are united in their passion to see the young people of Austria reached, discipled and mobilized for Jesus through relationships.

Our team partners with Innsbruck City of Hope Initiative, working with their youth center and counseling program, as well as ministry to the homeless, imprisoned, prostituted, and refugees. We also partner with Austrian believers locally and nationally to promote youth ministry by networking and training young Christian leaders, and putting on youth retreats, conferences and summer camps. As a team, we need short-term workers every summer for our English camps.

The Lighthouse, the ministry center for youth, features programs such as after-school tutoring. The youth, ages 10 - 15, who come are typically unfamiliar with church. We offer after school tutoring which is what brings them into the center. We play lots of games, help students practically, pray for the kids, and strive to have gospel conversations wherever we can. Friday is our play day! We have our normal youth center day, then at 5pm, we invite older students to join us and we play games and hang out until midnight!

As Apex students, you will get to spend the first two weeks seeing what life is like in Innsbruck! You will join us at the Lighthouse as the youth are finishing up their school year. You will possibly take German lessons in preparation for the ministry you will get to do this summer.

The main focus of your summer will be the English outreach camps. The English summer camps are for middle and high school students. You will get to work on a small staff team of 15 as the camp counselors. The first week we will spend preparing for the two weeks of camps: preparing the English lessons, planning out the days and getting to know the team. Then we will have two weeks of camp where you and the team will lead the campers in: English lessons, games, devotions, chapel and adventure time (hiking, swimming, large group games etc.). At the end of our two weeks of camp we will have two days to reflect on our time together, debrief our experiences, and see how the Lord moved in our lives and those around us.

All students with a heart for the Lord are welcome to join us. Having an interest in working with youth will be helpful. You will have the chance to build impactful relationships with the youth at the Lighthouse and at the English camps. This is how you can join us as we serve and reach Austria. We hope that by joining us this summer!

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