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Mexico City, Mexico

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Journey to Mexico City

Mexico's capitol is nothing short of overwhelming. With over 21 million people calling Mexico City home, it is one of the largest cities in the world and a strategic center of cultural, economic and religious influence throughout Latin America. Its size and strategic influence mean that there is no shortage of need and opportunity for ministry in the city.

We have a city team of seven, all with different areas of ministry and passions. Our team’s main focus is church planting and serving existing local churches. It is crucial for us to serve in local churches because the job of the global church (evangelism, discipleship, missions) all flows out of the work of the local church. We approach ministry with a rhythm of life that allows us to live missionally where we are, rather than providing large amounts of events or programming. We feel strongly that our role is to help equip and support Mexican leaders, wanting them to provide the primary leadership for greatest long-term impact. We have six main ministry priorities that we work toward in all we do: · Church planting · Leadership development · Evangelism · Discipleship · Holistic ministry · And Gospel partnerships These strategic ministries are the ways in which we seek to glorify God and multiply transformational churches among all people.

The main focus of the Apex team will be to serve in an English conversation outreach at a community center started by a local church planter. This community center serves a less developed area of the city by providing job skills training and teaching English. Apex students will also have the opportunity to interact with the broader team – with ministries ranging from immigration outreach to church planting – in order to observe and learn the missional rhythms of life and ministry that the team seeks to live out in Mexico City.

Any majors, passions, or interests are welcome. We desire to see students who have the personal initiative, spiritual maturity, willingness to grow and openness to new serving experiences that will enable them to grow in and help share the gospel with the people of Mexico City! Additionally, it should be noted, there will be a lot of walking on uneven paths in the city, as transportation is often tricky; the ability to walk for several miles a day is crucial.

We desire to invest in you and share what long term, gospel-centered living can look like. We focus on how the gospel applies to all aspects of life and aim to help you see how the gospel creates life rhythms for us to walk in. This will not only help you grow in your faith, but it will also help you to serve in God’s kingdom wherever the Lord takes you.

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