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Madrid, Spain

Trip Overview

Journey to Spain

Embrace the outdoors and the beautiful landscape Spain has to offer, all while enjoying a grand hike on the Camino de Santiago (St. James Way). A true spiritual pilgrimage where you will physically cross paths with many travelers searching for meaning, purpose, who they are and maybe God. This mission trip is unlike any other. If you are looking for a unique, challenging and fulfilling spiritual journey, this is the trip for you!

Our Madrid team focus is on grace-filled transformational disciple making and church planting, with a heart for evangelism. Our current focus is training leaders and serving in smaller relational discipleship communities. It is important to come alongside the local church and serve them especially in the area of spiritual and emotional health. The Lord has graced us with the opportunity to collaborate with one of the greatest church planting movement in Europe, where the church is growing rapidly, especially among the Roma (gypsies)!

You will embark on the Camino de Santiago, hiked by over 300,000 people a year, seeking a break from the routine of busy lives and personal growth for a religious pilgrimage. Covering 470 mile in four weeks, you will be walking alongside ReachGlobal staff who will coach you while you journey through northern Spain. You will get the full experience of a Camino hiker: carrying everything on your back, being unplugged, eating and sleeping in hostels with other travelers, and embarking on a spiritual journey. The main focus of this trip, is discovering how you play an important role in God’s grand story and to journey alongside other hikers, engaging in intentional spiritual conversations. This hike will provide time for you to learn more about evangelism and disciple making. Not only is this a great opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus, but also learn to relate and love others around you. A few weeks into the trip we are scheduling you to postpone your traveling and serve in a hostel for a week, having the opportunity to care for and serve other hikers and engaging in spiritual conversations. You will then finish the Camino and travel back to Madrid for the last days of your mission trip.

You last week with us will be in Madrid. In the capital of Spain, we will expose you to various cultures and communities and ministries. Some of these include will include the Spanish and Arabic community, the Roma (gypsy) church, and compassion ministries. Here, you will have the chance to learn how the local missionaries are reaching to and loving all these groups.

This trip will be physically intense. Being in good physical, spiritual and mental health is essential. The ability to walk 12 - 18 miles a day is crucial. We encourage you to pray about if this is a good fit for you. We are thoroughly excited to host you and physically walk on this journey with you!

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