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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Trip Overview

Journey to the Congo

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has a population of approximately 13 million. You will be amazed by how unique this sprawling city is. From the developed downtown, commercial area, to the barely developed slums and out-of-the-way neighborhoods, the city is full of opportunities to serve each community in unique ways. Kinshasa is filled with numerous opportunities to glorify God. We want to welcome students to join our local leaders to empower the local church to reach their communities.

Our ministries in Kinshasa seek to reach people in practical ways with the power of the gospel. We work with a through local churches around the city to provide training for spiritual leaders and to give them opportunities to reach “the least of these” in their communities. Our team is largely made up of godly Congolese men and women. In addition, we have two US missionaries that work with this team.

We want to help serve the Lord by expanding his kingdom through gospel initiatives that both demonstrate and proclaim the love of Christ. To reach children, we have partnered with an organization called Kids Around the World. The KidStory ministry trains church leaders how to disciple children in their communities through the memorization of Bible stories. In partnership with this ministry, VBS is going to be a great opportunity for you to connect with the local children of Kinshasa. Another key ministry of ReachGlobal is called Tabitha Center. Tabitha Center partners with local churches to reach young women by teaching vocational skills while applying biblical truth to their lives and context. In addition to launching and giving oversite to each Center, we train the spiritual leaders to engage in important life topics in a Biblical way. You will love hearing the stories of the work God is doing through this ministry, and writing about what you hear will help to spread the awareness of this ministry to others.

The average day could include visiting one of our ministry partners in the morning to get a understand of what they do and how they serve and reach their local community. In the afternoons, students will hold English conversation classes with locals. With daily conversational topics and repeated exposure to the English students, Apex students will really get to know their English students over the course of their three weeks in the Congo. By doing this, we not only build relationships, but we open a door to share the truth of the Gospel, as well as teach young professionals how they can glorify God in their work.

To help us with this ministry, we welcome anyone who is willing to learn and engage with the Congolese! However, if you have studies or interests in communication, education, ESL, or French this may be just the right trip for you!

Come alongside us in Kinshasa. As you can see, there are so many opportunities to connect with others and help share the good news!

Destination Overview

Kinshasa is a city of over 12 million people. People continue to pour into the city in search of a better life, and find that high unemployment, poor education and general instability causes them to become “stuck”. Like most big cities, it has it’s very rich and very poor, areas with smooth roads, and areas that you couldn’t get a four wheel drive vehicle into. This large variety of people and experiences means a large number of ministry opportunities. In addition, as the rest of the country and even neighboring countries look to Kinshasa for things like music and fashion, it places the city in an ideal position to reach a large part of central Africa with the gospel.

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