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College Age

Kansas City, Kansas

Trip Overview

Journey to Kansas City

Bridge of Hope Community Church is compassionately transforming lives through Jesus Christ. Located in the Northeast section of the urban core in Kansas City, they seek out the marginalized in the community to express God’s love through tangible acts to the homeless, the poor, the addicts, the widows, and the orphans. Come alongside Bridge of Hope as they work to ease the burden of neighborhood families in need. Serving kids and their families is a priority in this community where 37 percent of residents live with income below the poverty line and more than half of the children in the area living below the poverty line. The heart of the people of Bridge of Hope is love for their community. They have personally experienced the transformational love of Jesus and invest their lives to pass that on. Their stories of hope will challenge and stretch your faith. Our goal is that your Apex summer experience will be filled with opportunities to learn, serve and lead alongside them. Apex is committed to your growth as a disciple: It is of great value that we see Apex city team members grow in their ability to speak and apply the gospel to all of life. The city provides a perfect training ground to learn from many different people (culture, ethnicity, economic, political, religious) and the opportunity to show impartial justice to those who are affected by these seemingly dividing lines. It is only when we cross over these barriers and enter into missional relationships that are centered on the gospel that we can begin to see Christ transform lives of ALL people. Apex desires to help you lead others and make disciples: As an Apex city team member, you will be trained by Apex staff and local pastors on specific focus topics for the city and group. We desire to see you grow in your God given gifts and leadership abilities. We are committed to helping you be equipped for the good work that God has prepared for you to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

Unique to our state side Apex for college age experiences you will lead middle school and high school students who are in Kansas City for their own week-long Apex trips. You will have opportunities to provide leadership and develop relationships with these students, helping them take next steps in their own faith journey. Join the work God is doing in Kansas City, Missouri. Our hope is that this urban experience will expose you to diverse approaches to ministry and will introduce you to church and local leaders who are transforming their communities with the gospel in fresh ways.

Additional Trip Information: This trip is best suited for students interested in:

  • Developing their faith and leadership abilities
  • Discipling the next generation
  • Working collaboratively as a team
  • Exploring diverse communities

Costs: Student covers transportation costs & spending money. Apex covers ministry & living expenses.

Destination Overview

Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas are perceived as one city divided between two states, but the truth is they are two cities in two states. The divide has its origins in the days of slavery when pro-slavery people in Missouri came in contact with abolitionist settlers in Kansas. The “barbecue capital of the world,” like many urban centers, has seen a steady decline in population and an increase in poverty and unemployment rates. The rapid population decline led to nearly one-third of homes being left vacant. At the crossroads of several major interstates, human trafficking is increasing, doubling since 2009.

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