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Southeast, Asia

Trip Overview

Southeast Asia

It's time to be a part of something bigger than yourself. In a world that thrives off of building your brand and growing your personal kingdom, dive into a place where success is dependence and every day is just that.

In Southeast Asia four guys will have an opportunity to work side by side church planters as they strive to plant transformational churches. We like to think of church planting ministry as an extended course in learning that God is much better at micromanagement then we are and every day in pastoral ministry places the dependence whole heartedly on God. Come join our team of church planters and work with them to establish churches that get involved holistically within their community. Our hope is that this would help you to grow and learn more about church planting in a cross cultural context and will connect you to the global church. By giving you an opportunity to serve alongside National Pastors, we desire to see you deepen your understanding of God's heart for the church internationally.

Throughout the week you will be joining in helping to prepare a bible study for our office staff as well as sitting with church planters and learning their process for sermon preparation. You will aid in necessary planning for the events each church involves in and get ready for a lot of children's ministry! We've found that in our ministry fields the easiest way to reach the family is to start by pouring into the children of the community so be prepared to help out with sports activities as well. Our plan is to partner you with a church planter and for the duration of your trip you will work alongside that church planter to learn from them, but also to add input on ways you feel their church can improve. This will be a two-way relationship, but the National Pastor will have the final call at the end of the day because they are more familiar with cultural understanding. During your trip you could be doing anything from helping sermon prep, aiding in church administration, organizing a drawing competition for children, joining a pastor in a house call to pray over someone or having your schedule completely changed last minute due to ministry needs.

More than likely you will be staying in an apartment, our hope is to provide you with wifi as well as air conditioning as the summers can be quite warm in our part of the world. We haven't solidified the accommodations yet, but we can guarantee that it will comfortable enough to live in for six weeks. Travel when in the city could vary from buses, riding side saddle on a motorcycle, cruising in a car or various other forms of public transportation.

Each person has been uniquely gifted by God, not so that we can sit in the pews and continue to be fed, but so that we can get involved in Kingdom Movement throughout the world. What are you waiting for?

Destination Overview

This is a city of 18 million people with a Christian population of less than one percent. In a city of so many people, with so much culture, and so many opportunities to serve, the ministry experience you gain here will be deep, intentional, and diverse.

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