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Middle, East

Trip Overview

Journey to the Middle East

This seven-week discipleship program will expose you to various missions models and help you explore how God designed you to build His church.

The Middle East is a deeply misunderstood region. Hundreds of millions of Muslims need to hear about salvation in Jesus Christ. People are suffering from war and injustice. This program is designed to expose you to the real Middle East, with all its beauty and challenges. From two safe, stable countries you will work on a cross-cultural team under several missionaries who want to pour into your life and challenge you to do what matters most with your future.

You will observe missionaries to understand what they are doing to help Muslims hear the Gospel and grow in their faith. You will meet Arab church leaders to learn about the challenges facing Christianity in this region. You will play with Syrian refugee children at summer camp, visit Syrian refugee homes to befriend and share your testimony, serve Iraqi refugees, learn introductory Arabic words and greetings, meet and pray for missionaries serving in the Middle East, see a beautiful part of the world with mind-blowing archaeological sites, learn the basic political and theological issues that are important to Muslim ministry, help with English language classes, soccer ministry and more.

Is it safe? When you hear about the Middle East, you normally hear frightening things – wars, terrorists, starvation. American TV and movies normally show the “action movie” aspects of this region. But the Middle East is a diverse place, and the main country you will be visiting is a special country. The vast majority of the country’s citizens will be much friendlier toward you than strangers in your own home town. Several families on our team have raised children here. Our children walk to school (a private Christian school), we freely attend church, and there is very little crime!

Come live and minister in the beautiful part of the world and explore what God is doing in your life to build His Church!

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