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Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Trip Overview

Journey to the Congo

Kinshasa, the capitol of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a quickly growing city, uniquely poised to impact large parts of Central Africa with the gospel. As in most cities, there is a wide variety of people to be ministered to.

The team in Kinshasa desires to be involved in gospel-centered ministries throughout the city. One example is with children who need to learn not only to survive but to thrive in Christ, despite the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Another is with young women who need to know that they have value while receiving a means of providing for themselves. Others include giving real Bible training to pastors and missionaries, and responding to those who desire to improve their options with a knowledge of English. All these, and many more, are opportunities to reach people where they are and where they need it.

Interns will immerse themselves in these ministries to expand the capacity of national leaders and prepare themselves to tell the stories. They will spend time learning Lingala, the local trade language, in order to build relationships. Their ability to speak English will also open up opportunities to reach out to those studying that language.

Interns will stay in the home of our long-term, american missionary based in Kinshasa. They will be driven to various ministry locations throughout the city by a trusted Congolese driver.

Our team will be thrilled to welcome interns to experience first-hand the ways God is working in Kinshasa!

Destination Overview

Kinshasa is a city of over 12 million people. People continue to pour into the city in search of a better life, and find that high unemployment, poor education and general instability causes them to become “stuck”. Like most big cities, it has it’s very rich and very poor, areas with smooth roads, and areas that you couldn’t get a four wheel drive vehicle into. This large variety of people and experiences means a large number of ministry opportunities. In addition, as the rest of the country and even neighboring countries look to Kinshasa for things like music and fashion, it places the city in an ideal position to reach a large part of central Africa with the gospel.

Trip Details
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